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Project Planning

ECDL Foundation has developed a new module: ECDL / ICDL Module 13 - Project Planning.

The module aims to suit a broad range of candidates who are planning projects - for example, university students planning a research project, individuals planning construction projects of various sizes, managers of content development projects relating to training, or individuals planning an event such as a corporate conference or wedding.

The module focuses on the use of project management software to prepare project plans and monitor projects and includes planning and managing time, costs, tasks, and resources. It is predominantly skills based.

On completing the module, the candidate shall be able to:

• Understand the key concepts relating to managing projects

• Use a project management application to create a new project and maintain an existing project

• Create and schedule tasks and add project constraints and deadlines

• Assign costs and create and assign resources to tasks

• View the critical path, monitor progress and reschedule work

• Prepare and print outputs, including charts and reports.

Project Planning.pdf

This course if offered in the following formats:

1. Textbook. Candidates will receive the training material in paper-based format.