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This course if offered in the following formats:

1. Textbook. Candidates will receive the training material in paper-based format.

General English

Course details

General English course covers:

Reading and understanding different types of English texts

Writing clearly and accurately

Oral discussion practice and presentation skills

listening to and understanding different varieties of spoken English

speaking clearly and fluently with easily understood pronunciation

communicate effectively in various social settings

using comprehensive grammar and vocabulary to convey meaning well

Business English

We help you develop solid English language ability for business and corporate environment. Our Business English classes are 4- 12 week module and covers interesting business topics such as: marketing, international business and trade, tourism. Upon completing our training the student would be able to:

conduct fluent and easily understood conversations and discussions about business topics

give and take part in business presentations

use business vocabulary to express yourself clearly and to understand what you hear and read

listen easily to different varieties of spoken English

read and understand a range of business texts,agreements,contracts and memos

write accurate reports, letters and other kinds of business communication with the right type of style

Communicate effectively in business and understand the business protocols of different cultures.

ESP (English for specific purpose)

Our intensive English for specific purpose course has been specifically designed for students intending to further their education at University, Medical School, Technical and vocational colleges with English as its language of instruction. The courses are therefore focused on meeting student’s specific needs. Students upon completing the ESP course would be able to:

    ●       Think analytically and creatively in English for tertiary studies, work                 situations and social environments.

 Speak in technical terms, attend seminars and conferences, and take oral exams.

Understand and take efficient notes at conferences and lectures, including how to identify different themes and the speaker's point of view.

Participate and express ideas in the different situations faced in their various fields of studies, such as Law, IT, Electrical engineering etc…

Understand and extract the most important points from technical or vocational books, encyclopaedias, specialist articles and other types of texts.

Form well-structured sentences and use effectively skills such as paraphrasing, summarising and formulating appropriate academic sentences.

Use key technical vocabulary, both in a specific field environment and in a general academic environment.